‘Dot’ and ‘Dash’ of HUMAJOR symbolize condensed core competence
and enthusiasm of the company that is capable of providing core services or products
needed by the customers by changing customers’ lives more conveniently and valuably
through continuous attention and communication with the customers.


HUMAJOR offers a variety of services
that can create values specialized in
brand, marketing and sales.
We have the ability to convey
a special brand message
to the customer
suitable for our purpose.
We carry out the strategy
that is capable of developing the brand and
convey brand message effectively
by integrating each customer’s characteristics
and vision about brand.


Development of employee is growth of HUMAJOR

HUMAJOR re-valuates you by supporting the cost of unlimited “Education” and “Book Purchase”
HUMAJOR will grow together with our employee.


Development of employees
is growth of HUMAJOR

Actively encouraging employees to read books
and unsparing educational support.

Full support for on-offline & in-house education
English and job-related education
Raising intimacy among departments and providing
a field of active communication
having a little get-together

Appropriate compensation and rest
becomes driving force of growth

Compensation through bonuses twice a year
Overseas travel chance for a long-term employed person
over 5 years
Indiscriminating provision of reward for a person
in 2 years of continuous service
Guarantee to freely use 15 days annual leave per year

HUMAJOR shares joys and sorrows
of our employees together

Practice of "family love" by providing parental Leave
for both female employees and their spouses
before and after childbirth
Sharing joys and sorrows of member of HUMAJOR
through expenditure and wreath for congratulations
and condolences together
with separate leave
Sharing joys through special birthday bonus and party

You should be faithful to your
instinct before everything else

Provision of delicious lunch!
No wonder you have mixed coffee with milk
instead of creamer
Coffee brewed from coffee machine is an option
We cannot eat rice only~
Refreshments like beverages, cup-ramen or cookies are
on standby all the time!




58, Bongeunsa-ro 18-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

•Local Contact
TEL : 02-542-0465 FAX : 02-548-0426
E-mail :

•IR Contact
TEL : 02-542-0465 FAX : 02-548-0426
E-mail :

•Global Contact
If you are interested in becoming a agent or master distributor, please e-mail to the following address.
TEL : 070-4276-0933